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19 08 2009
Bill Bragg

Hello Tracy!

Would you be interested in singing a Jingle for HP (Hewlett-Packard)? I’ll provide the words; you provide the music and do the singing. I can’t pay anything, but it is a way to get your foot in the door. Interested?

Also, Please put me on your list for Voice-Over work. My demos are at:

Bill Bragg, Chief Broadcast Engineer
The HP Global Broadcast Network
The Voice Of Big TEX, State Fair Of Texas

19 08 2009
Tracy Ready

Hi Bill, thanks for the contact, I just got this notice after I had sent an email asking if there was anything I could do for you… they must have passed on the server.
Anyway, the short answer is YES, the longer answer is a disclaimer: I am happy to do a one off freebie project as long as it doesn’t have to conflict with any paying work coming in, as I am sure you understand. So, what is the deadline? Do you have the lyric written? Am I free to do it in musical style of my choosing, or is there some sort of mandate about style / genre?

my direct email is
office 972.437.4433


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